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Michelle Mudge-Riley, DO Resource Author Michelle Mudge-Riley, DO

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• Understand how your skills and interests can be applied in a non-clinical setting.
• Learn about the different types of non-clinical opportunities.

Resource Author:  Michelle Mudge-Riley, DO
Michelle Mudge-Riley, DO

Dr. Mudge-Riley is the founder of Physicians Helping Physicians LLC, where she mentors and coaches other doctors in their career strategy and helping physicians with all aspects of a non-clinical transition. She received her medical degree from Des Moines University Osteopathic Medical School and her master’s in health administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has been called the “doctor’s doctor” because her success in working with other physicians.



Resource Author:  Michael McLaughlin, MD

Dr. McLaughlin is co-founder of Peloton Advantage, a medical communications company based in Parsippany, N.J. A graduate of Harvard College and Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, he practiced as a plastic surgeon and hand specialist for four years. In addition to Peloton, he also founded Physician Renaissance Network, a free information and networking service for doctors with non-clinical careers and interests.